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Luminosity Wellness Center uses a Holistic, Integrative approach with every member, client and business decision. We offer educational and treatment modalities that incorporate Spirit, Mind and Body.

  • Sound Vibrational Balancing using VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy
  • Chakra Balancing using Chakra Sprays and Energy Work
  • Meditation Groups and Trainings
  • Reiki Practitioners and Trainings
  • ThetaHealing Practitioners and Trainings
  • Bio Mat Sessions combined with Aromatherapy
  • Hypnotherapy and Trainings
  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression Reduction using:
  • NLP, Timeline Therapy and Private Consultations
  • Life Planning Sessions 
  • Weight Reduction using our Drop 20 for Life Program
  • Smoking Cessations using Hypnosis
  • Parenting Classes and Coaching Programs
  • Social Media Workshops and Private Consultations
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Stretch Classes and Relaxation 

  • Ongoing Private and Group Sessions using: 
  1. Trained Facilitators and Workshop Leaders  
  2. Spiritual Gatherings
  3. Angel Consultations
  4. Self-Healing, Energy Awareness and Indigo Programs
Visit our Resource Boutique when you visit the Center!

  At the Luminosity Wellness Center we bring the East to the West as we balance our Business world with our Spirit world, one life at a time. 

We offer short term treatments yielding long term results!

Time and time again research has proven that in order to obtain immediate results, you must change your perceptions, thoughts and beliefs; this is an inside job and requires your full cooperation. Here at Luminosity Wellness Center we treat your whole being through the gateway of your mind; your personal gate keeper.



We know the moment you book an appointment or sign up for a class you will begin to feel a sense of relief because you took “action” to do something different.

Our Network Solutions include a vast array of talent, skills and people working together for the expansion and education of our community!

We have many Trained Speakers, 
Authors, Ordained Ministers

Our Practitioners create network solutions by working together as they educate and coach each other!

Education is a top priority here at the center, we use management experience and inspiration during each event and encounter.

Transformation, changes and actions happen as participants and students listen to the short stories shared by each trained speaker or coach.

Our Wellness topics and programs include weight reduction verses weight loss, stop smoking verses quit smoking and how to become your own mental, emotional and spiritual personal trainer.

We teach self-hypnosis, meditation, pain management, stress management, and how to handle relationships.

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