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Luminosity is where your mind and soul connect!
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 We are located at the corner of Smoke Ranch and Tenaya 
2400 N. Tenaya Way, Las Vegas NV, 89128

 Call Christine Essex at 702-274-6670 with any questions about this event!

Here at Luminosity Wellness Center we are growing our wellness programs and expanding our Office Space. Offering many benefits to the local community and businesses by providing one of the largest wellness and business resource centers. We will be offering the public wellness options that they otherwise may not have known about. Such as Education on Holistic Health, Nutrition, Massage, Aromatherapy, fitness, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, ThetaHealing and more.

In addition we will be providing local small business owners and corporations with our business training programs that offer classes in Self Care, Effective Communication, Parenting Courses, Certification Classes, Stress Management, Effective Team Building, Social Media, Marketing, & more.

Our vision is to create a non-competitive wellness & business community that will support the betterment in Clark County by impacting the wellbeing of the general public. We do this utilizing education as the primary vehicle to inform people of resources to better living during these tough times. Now is the time to bring more positive attributes to general public & local communities.

Join us by going to the Event page and checking out our calendar of events; Or by purchasing one of our Support Packages, or by booking an appointment with one of our talented Team Members.

This is a deal like no other being offered to our contributors. Check out our General support packages & Corporate packages below. Let's make a difference in the community and give our city something we can be proud of!

We have a variety of packages with different prices below that will help you or your company grow and achieve more synergy. This is our way of saying thank you for all your support! We couldn't do it without you.

Wellness Support Packages


$50.00 Package               

Custom Numerology Report
Meditation CD
Chakra Clearing & Balancing



$100.00 Package       

20 Min. Chair Massage
20 Min. Reiki Session
20 Min. Laser Planning
20 Min. Theta Healing
20 Min. Relaxation Cycle


$500.00 Package      

1 Hour Bio Mat Session
1 Hour Social Media Consultation
1 Hour Guided Imagery Session
1 Hour Metaphysical Consultation
1 Hour Massage

Corporate Support Packages

$1500 Package

1 year Co-Branding Advertising with Luminosity Wellness Center
6 week Onsite Parenting Course
6 Hour Corporate Social Media Coaching Package with Josh Carpenter
1 Day Theta Healing Training with Jeff Renel
A Lunch and Learn Program of your choice with Luminosity Wellness Center
4-30minute group Chair Stretching and Self-Care Session with Sara Lockhart
6 week onsite Stress Management Program with Alicia Cuglietta

$5000 Package  

A Full onsite Wellness Evaluation with Luminosity Wellness Center
3 Day Onsite Basic Theta Healing Certification Course with Jeff Renel
2 Day NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Business Training with Christine Essex
An onsite Wellness Fair with Luminosity Wellness Center
A full day of Stress Reduction demos with Luminosity Wellness Center
2day (2 Full days or 4 half days) Effective Speaking/ Effective Presentations
and Effective Correspondence workshop
2 part (2Full day or 4 half days) Effective Team Building and Management
 Techniques workshop


Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Luminosity Wellness Center to promote the health and wellness of individuals through education and programs that:

  Encourage ways of wellness
▪  Increase awareness of considerations and resources contributing      to well-being
▪  Inspire and empower individuals to take responsibility for their        own health
▪  Bringing together a culture of collaborative professionals creating    the ultimate working community

We offer solutions to the current Health care concerns by bringing Wellness to the forefront instead of illness. 

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